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Pro Feet  

Our story began in 1973 when David and Loretta Bowen, moved their family to Jesup, Georgia. With less than $5,000, and a strong dependence on God they were able to establish and open a men's fashion store by the name of David's Clothing. With an unmovable determination, a strong work ethic, and God's miraculous provisions they expanded and opened up a total of five clothing stores.
In 1994 their daughter Jan and her husband Rick Faircloth branched off and opened an athletic shoe store in Hinesville, Georgia called Pro Feet. By 2007, Pro Feet established a successful name for themselves and earned the hearts of every customer that shopped with them! It was in this highly successful year that their county implemented a dress code for all schools. Luckily, an employee with a child in the school system understood the panic parents underwent to find school uniforms, and suggested that Rick and Jan consider selling a few uniforms to help families in their time of need. 


From that humble start, with only a few polos and shorts displayed on a small rack and little knowledge, they turned into a full blown family oriented uniform store with over 40,000 items, and an amazingly helpful staff. The staff had such a passionate willingness to help their customers with any and every need that they transformed the hectic and stressful aspect of going back to school into an enjoyable and memorable experience. Fast forward to the present, we are now launching Uniform Station due to the many requests to provide our selection and expertise online. 
We are a family owned business and we love and cherish each customer. Here at Uniform Station, we promise to strive for your utmost satisfaction by making your shopping experience as easy and carefree as possible.    

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